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Pictures-Picnic at Bloomer State Park

about summer of 1974 (?)- All Photos are by Ken H.


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That was Bloomer State Park. At the very end of John-R Road. We just
went there for a day of picnicing. A fun day it was too indeed. Photo by Ken

Kathy C., Dorene B., Allen K., Darius G., Mike P. & Diana M. on an outing.


The watermelon eaters: L-R: Darius G., Cathy C., Dorene B-S, Mike P, Diana M. & Al K.


Bloomer State Park with Al K., Darius G and Munir H and Cathy C. behind Al.




The hiking flower pickers:

L-R: Darius, Al, Cathy, Mike, & Diana sitting.


Diana & Dorene at lunch time.


Not sure if this was Bloomer but close enough ! Al K. and Ken H.








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