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Entry #: 5 Date: 2005-01-20 21:27:09
Name: Paul Lupien
Comments: Hey fellow Ledgers and Palmers! Has anybody any knowledge of George Runyan ? He was the lead singer/bass player for the "BUMP "...Sure would like to know whatever happened to George. PS-note my E-Mail address has changed...That's OK cuz' I'm moving again in March of 2005...Guess who my roomate will be ?...Rich (Al) Tschirhart ! I'm still an impoverished songwriter...Some things never change. I wrote and composed and scored a whole new musical more rock and roll...but the imoverishment is still the same !
Entry #: 4 Date: 2004-06-12 17:49:40
Name: Cassie (Anderson) Blair
Web Site: Johnny J Blair
Comments: ___I'm not a Palmerite--just an Anna Banana fan. She and I go waaaaay back (kindergarten, 1954). She was right off the boat (or plane) from Italy. I think I might have been at Palmer House one time only, in 1974. I know Tom Rutt and Anna's cousin, Diana McKinnon, and I think I might have met a couple of other Palmerites here and there.___It's fun looking at the young flower power photos. The world is different now, though. Kids now look basically the same, but it really was different back then. We thought we were so grown up, but we really were kids!!!___Go to the URL above to see a photo of Anna Banana in a mini-dress in 1970 (photos page 1). That's her in green and me in pink.___Well, toodloo (is that how it's spelled?) for now!
Entry #: 3 Date: 2004-04-26 20:08:33
Name: Anna Rutt (form. Mrs. Tom Rutt)
Comments: It's great being us! It's especially wonderful to have talented, caring people among us like Ken Hall and Diana (McKinnon) Manetz! We still have the roots, we've all just bloomed differently. Wow, a real "Flower Power" garden!! See y'all for another reunion, and some of you, George and Kenny and Richard...a lot sooner. New restaurant in my 'hood. Let's get together and "eat again real soon"! Thanks for the website (YOU know WHO you are!) Peace, love and later. Anna
Entry #: 2 Date: 2004-04-25 19:31:57
Name: Ken
Comments: Welcome to anyone who may have stumbled across this site, either through the WSU Alumni News Magazine or just from browsing. If you were a member of the Ledge group or lived in Palmer House or just knew someone and hung around with us at either of these places or places in-between, post a message to us. Don't be shy.We're the same loveable wacky group of folks we always were....just a little...a little older and maybe a little pudgier. C'mon. .....we'd love to hear from you.
Entry #: 1 Date: 2003-11-01 02:37:36
Name: Diana
Comments: Here´s the new guestbook with some new features that I think you´ll enjoy! What do you think? Diana


From the First Ledge-Palmer's Guestbook

salvaged messages: of 10/15/2003, the service provider, for the first Ledge-Palmer guestbook posted in the spring and summer of 2003, changed their policy . This change made our guestbook only eligible to post 10 messages and automatically chopped off more than half of the messages that had been already posted. The messages leading up to the reunion and especially the ones following the event were all lost. What could be salvaged is posted below. If you happened to have saved a copy of the guestbook page or pages (there were 2) or can access it through your browser history, please mail it to us and we will try to piece it together.
Name: Diane Polish
Country: Date: Sun Jun 22 04:28:14 2003
Comment: Hey. Another of the Forest 4 signs in. Hoping to make it in for the festivities. Love the photos but we need more! Diane

Name: Diana M
Country: Date: Tue Jun 17 18:01:44 2003
Comment: HAHAHAHAHA ! Thanks for the keen eye...actually I was testing you...(here's to passing the buck)rather, Kenny was testing you ! Will see what I can to to fix it! :)

Name: George H
Country: Date: Tue Jun 17 11:44:37 2003
Comment: The photo of the group on the Porch at 44 W. is reversed,
Mike and I play guitar right-handed, not left.

Name: carole-jo (durkacs) chi
Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 15 21:29:29 2003
Comment: Love this website! U Gots to have more pix tho. Never lived at Palmer House, only visited; but hung out a lot in my misspent youth with these characters. :) We lived on Forest between Cass & 2nd...we were "The Forest Four". Had 3-4 huge, great parties there. Keep up the good work. See you July 12th.

Name: Ken
Country: worldchild Date: Sun Jun 15 19:54:15 2003
Comment: Love the bricks. The picture of me and Mike on P-House porch is a great one. Can't see my face, though some would say that's a good thing.


Name: Salvatore F Mancuso
Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 11 11:23:31 2003
Comment: Looking froware to the reunion. Thanks for starting the Web page.

Name: Tony Lloyd
Country: Date: Tue Jun 10 17:01:12 2003
Comment: This has been to long coming...thanks to everyone who is a part of making it happen!

Name: Diana M
Country: Date: Tue Jun 10 15:15:34 2003
Comment: All right people; I know you're out there!!
Don't delay,leave a message today!

Name: Kenn(of course)
Country: US and A Date: Sun Jun 8 20:45:38 2003
Comment: Hey hey hey....
This is great. Can't wait to start forwarding down some photos for you to add to it. Plus George's brick portrait.
I'll pass this on.


Name: Diana & Ashley -Webmasters (Homepage)
Country: USA-FL Date: Sat Jun 7 16:45:15 2003
Comment: Welcome to the Official Ledge-Palmer Guestbook!
Hope to hear from you! ~</:-)