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This list has been assembled through email lists and the strained memory of the web master. Please email us with how you want to be listed/not listed, your web page address and group affiliation* (Ledge, Palmer or both), corrections or any other information. Thanks!

Address/Web Page


Allen K   PR
Anna R PR
Becky R   LP
Betty W LP
Bill C LP
Bill D   PR
Bob H LP / PR
Bruce M   LP
Buck Z   LP
Buffy Z   LP
Carol-Jo D-C LP**
Carol H LP
Carol L   LP / PA †
Cheryl P LP / PR
Chuck J   LP
Connie H  
Dan P   LP
Danny O   PR
Dave W   LP
Darlene M **
Darius Ivor G.   PR
Deborah C  
Debbie D LP / PR
Debbie M-M LP / PR
Demi ?   LP
Dennis S LP / PA
Diana M-M PR
Diane P LP**
Dorene B-S LP / PR
Earl B OR LP
Ed D   LP
Erica R

Esther A-I HLP
Fred A LP
George H LP / PR †
Jeff F   LP
Jesse B PR
Jim S   LP
Joe L    
Julie P PR
Ken H, LP / PR
Larry M LP / PR
Lee D LP
Linda S   LP
Marc M LP / PA
Maria C LP
Mike P LP / PR
Mike Colone   LP
Mike Cullen   PR
Munir H (not to be forgotten) LP / PR
Nita J   LP
Pam S    
Paul B LP
Paul L LP
Penelope G-F ....address changed....need update LP / PA
Pegge H LP
Peggie S  
Ralph K

LP †
Rhonda R-L LP
Rich T LP / PA
Rob A    
Sherry P    
Salvatore M LP / PR
Sophie T LP
Sue D changed....need update  
Sue L    
Terry P PR
Tino F   LP
Tim L LP / PA †
Tony L LP / PR
Tom R LP / PR
Tony S    

If I forgot anyone, write

* I need help with affiliations...

If you are wondering about affiliation, this sample might help :
If you never hung out at the ledge, nor lived in Palmer House, but you always were around for Palmer activities, or related to a Palmerite, then you would be a Palmer Affiliate=PA (or accordingly, a ledge affiliate =LA).

A spouse or relative who has heard no end of the Ledge-Palmer stories and feels a bond to the group, is an Honorary Ledge Affiliate (HLA) or Honorary Palmer Affiliate (HPA).

PR=Palmer Resident

PA=Palmer Affiliate

HPA=Honorary Palmer Affiliate

LP=Ledge Person

LA=Ledge Affiliate

HLA=Honorary Ledge Affiliate

Your assistance in this area is really appreciated.

** also member of "Forest Four"
† also member of Unitarian Caretakers

Thanks to the Ledge-Palmer Editing Committee:

Esther A-T, George H. and Ken H for updates on members names. 4-22-2004

For a complete list of members names in their entirety, email

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