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Forest Four

from: "Carole Chi"
To: "Ledge Palmer" <>
Subject: Re: 4 Old Pix of "Forest Four"
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 16:29:13 -0500

Oh yeah...names! :) [same 4 girls in ea. pix]
Upper left pix and all dressed up as women from Beatles songs for a (Halloween?) party: from l to r, Diane Polish (Lucy in the sky with diamonds), Darlene (Mroz) Wyber, Carole-Jo (Durkacs) Chi, and Pat Urban---and I can't remember what songs the rest of us dressed as.

Upper right doing kicks pix, from l to r: Pat, Diane, Carole, Darlene.

Lower left in tub pix, from l to r: Diane, Darlene, Pat, Carole.

Lower right pix of our blue door entrance to our "Forest Four" Flat.
Sure, sharpen whatever you can.
Carole-Jo (Durkacs) Chi





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